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The Pot Plot



by Dr. Wesley Muhammad

Rah IZ Allah: Why Asar Imhotep Is Wrong

In my 2009 publication Black Arabia and the African Origin of Islam I advanced a novel argument: that the well-known Egyptian sun god Rah actually originated across (east of) the Red Sea in Afrabia (i.e. Black Arabia) and that the name of this deity was in fact an Egyptianization of the Proto-Semitic Alah. My argument was based on the following: (1) the late documented appearance of Rah in Egyptian records (Third Dynasty reign of Djoser, 2635-2610 BCE or Fifth Dynasty 2400-2300 BCE); (2) the possibility that the center of Rah’s worship in Egypt, the city Annu (Greek ‘Heliopolis’), was actually founded by Black Arabian migrants (Anu); and (3) the linguistic convergence of the Proto-Semitic and Egyptian names.


Our “Rah is Allah” thesis has recently been submitted to a lengthy critical review by Asar Imhotep (2013), who rejects the claims we advanced in 2009. After an extensive, largely linguistic exploration of the Egyptian Rah and Semitic Allah in the context of African linguistic tradition, Imhotep contends that, in contrast to my suggestion that Allah and Rah are etymologically related, Imhotep claims that they are distinct and unrelated: Rah the sun god is contrasted with Allah the rain god.


In this Response I demonstrate that, despite Imhotep’s lengthy objection, he is wrong: the identity of Rah and Allah is in fact rooted in etymology. I argue here, contra Imhotep, that the (Proto-) Semitic Allah is a dialectical cognate of the Egyptian Rah and that both (the Semitic Allah and Egyptian Rah) derive from a pre-dialectical para-African root (Ala) that is closer to the Semitic Allah than to the Egyptian Rah.

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Understanding the Assault on the Black Man,

Black Manhood and Black Masculinity (Paperback)

This is Dr. Wesley Muhammad’s newest work. In this book he shines light on various aspects of the hidden architecture of White Supremacy’s global project of un-manning the Black male and the spoiling of the Black female.  Learn, among other things:


The role European Christian cannibalism, soul harvesting and homosexuality played in the subjugation of Black people during colonial expansion and American slavery, particularly the Black male.


How European pseudo-science and then American science went to work to make African peoples and the Black American male “The Lady of the Races.”


How Presidents Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton all waged government-funded wars against Black males.


How the inner-city “Thug” and the Black “Sissy” were both scientifically produced.


The esoteric and theological background of White Supremacy’s Assault on the Black Man


The deeper truth behind the "Autism Conspiracy" against Black boys


How the CIA manipulated marijuana and created crack cocaine in order to create Black Zombies in the inner cities.


And much, much more. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

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Bilad Al-Sudan: Essays on Islam, Africa and Afrocentricity

Bilad al-Sudan is a companion volume to Black Arabia and the African Origin of Islam. A collection of distinct essays written since the publication of Black Arabia, Bilad al-Sudan offers:


Further evidence that the Arabs of the first Muslim community of 7th century Arabia were an Africoid people.


A correction to the mistaken belief that the pre-Islamic Arabs were white and racist, as seen by their alleged treatment of Bilal, Companion of the Prophet Muhammad.


A refutation of recent Muslim attempts to defend the White Supremacist paradigm in Islam.


A critical analysis of Afrocentric discourse on Islam.


An introduction to a new paradigm: Ma’atic Islam.

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The Birth of God as a Luminous Anthropos

How could God be a human being?  The ancient Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible explain this clearly. In this heavily documented twenty page booklet, Dr. Wesley Muhammad demonstrates how such a concept was not so strange to Moses and John the Baptist—the men through whom Jews, Christians and Muslims believe are messengers of God. 20 pages.

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Tears of the Sun

Dr. Wesley Muhammad explains the shades of black complected deities in ancient Egyptian religion and how it relates to the identity and importance of Black people. 14 pages.

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Islam is often viewed as the religion par excellence of divine transcendence. God is khilaf al-alam, "the absolute divergence from the world" and this characteristically Islamic doctrine of mukhalafa "(divine) otherness" precludes divine corporeality. In as much as this latter is conditio sine qua non of visibility, it is axiomatic that the God of Islam in invisible and therefore non-theophanous.


This tradition of divine invisibility and incorporeal transcendence is in radical discontinuity with the Biblical/Semitic and ancient Near Eastern tradition of transcendent anthropomorphism and perilous visio Dei, according to which God/the gods has/have bodies human of shape but transcendent in substance, manner of being, and effect.


Seeing this transcendentally anthropomorphic deity is possible but dangerous for mortal onlookers. The profound disparity between Islamic and Biblical/ancient Near Eastern articulations of divine transcendence raises questions regarding Islam's place among the Semitic religions.

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Fakin' Jacks: Exposing Paul Guthrie

In Paul Guthrie's YouTube video series entitled “Get on the Wheel,” he tries to prove that Master Fard Muhammad was not an Arabian Muslim but instead was an Indian Buddhist.


This booklet argues that Mr. Guthrie's presentation is based on a lack of knowledge of Islam as a historical tradition, a shallow understanding of Buddhism and a demonstrable misrepresentation of Supreme Wisdom.

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Is Allah a Man? The Islam Debate

Dr. Wesley Muhammad successfully debates fellow Islamic scholars about the concept of Allah in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad—the foundation of the Islamic teachings in the Nation of Islam.


This  book is the appendix of another book titled "Take Another Look: The Quran, the Sunnah and the Islam of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad."

149 pages. 

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Master Fard Muhammad: Who Is He? Who Is He Not?

This Book is an Extract from Dr. Wesley Muhammad’s upcoming work, The Book of God, New Revised Edition: An Encyclopedia of Proof that the Black Man is God. Topics include:


A Stranger in Detroit, The Twenty Four Scientists, Early History of Master Fard Muhammad, The FBI, W.D. Fard and Wallace Dodd Ford, FBI Docs Prove Hoax, The Messianic Secret, Master Fard Muhammad: The Perfect Son.


59 pages. 

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